Priula has been a leader in the flexible packaging industry since its establishment in 1982. Our headquarters in Talamona (SO), located approximately 100 km north of Milan, serves as the pulsating heart of our activities dedicated to providing high-quality packaging solutions. Over the years, we have developed a comprehensive in-house production cycle at the Talamona facility, ranging from extrusion to welding, including the capability for flexographic printing. Since 2021, the company is certified according to the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

    Our product range includes polyethylene bags, pouches, and rolls crafted with care and precision. Our bags and pouches can feature special closures, including minigrip, zippers, and resealable adhesive closures. Additionally, upon request, we offer the possibility of conducting specific analyses on finished products (microbiological, particulate, global migration), ensuring the highest quality and safety standards.


    Our flexible packaging finds applications in various sectors, with a particular emphasis on the pharmaceutical-medical field. Nevertheless, our versatility allows us to meet the needs of the food, sportswear, and general industrial sectors. Each order is unique and identified by a dedicated batch number. We can handle even small batch productions, demonstrating our attention to detail and operational flexibility.

    The quality of our products is guaranteed by the use of first-choice virgin polyethylene, in various LDPE, MDPE, and HDPE variants, all suitable for contact with food. Moreover, upon request, we provide our customers with polyethylene compliant with the stringent requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia.

    Discover the excellence of Priula’s customized flexible packaging. Share your needs with us; we are ready to create personalized solutions in terms of size and quantity.

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    imballaggi in polietilene per uso medicale, in busta o bobina


    PRIULA S.R.L offers a wide range of products for the medical industry.

    imballaggi in polietilene: sacchetti, fasce e fogli, bobine


    PRIULA S.R.L supplies the following markets: medical, pharmaceutical, health care, food, industrial laundries, textile and apparel, paper industry and other industries in general.

    imballaggi richiudibili con mini cerniera e con lembo adesivo


    PRIULA S.R.L can offer flexible packaging such as re-closable and re-sealable bags for various applications.