PRIULA S.R.L offers a wide range of products for the medical industry.



Some examples are listed below:

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CATHETERS PACKAGING CORRUGATED PE POUCHES AND ROLLS Catheters packaging PE bags, Silicone catheters PE packaging, Pe ridged bags and rolls for silicone catheters packaging, Catheters packaging solution, Silicone products packaging
OPERATING ROOM PE COVERS / SURGICAL ROOM EQUIPMENT & SCREEN DRAPES Mayo drape, Mayo stand cover, Mayo drapes for surgical instrument trays, Surgical drapes products, Surgical drapes & packs, Operating room disposable covers, Operating room pe covers, Operating room pe drapes, Operating room monitor drape, Operating room screen drapes, O.R. equipment drapes and covers , O.R. mayo drape, O.R. screen drapes, Robotic equipment pe covers
MEDICAL GRADE LDPE BAGS, PHARMACEUTICAL PACKAGING PE ROLLS SLEEVES AND SHEETS Packaging of powders, medical products and components, Single-use contained powder transfer bag for A.P.I. and bulk drugs, Medical grade LDPE bags for active pharmaceutical ingredients, APIs packaging polyethylene bags compliance European Pharmacopeia, Polyethylene bags European Pharmacopeia, PURELL PE bags, PURELL PE pouches, Medical Grade pe bags, Medical Grade pouches, Medical Grade bags cytotoxicity tested , Medical Polymer bags for A.P.I & bulk, Medical polyethylene bags, Health care packaging, Medical industry packaging, Pe medical grade purell, Clean room pe pouches and bags, Pe packaging for pharmaceutical industries, Pe packaging for medical device, Certificated polyethylene bags, Poly medical bags, LDPE medical bags, LDPE medical pouches, LDPE medical rolls, LDPE medical film, HDPE medical bags, HDPE medical pouches, HDPE medical rolls, HDPE medical film
ANTI-UV MEDICAL BAGS, UV RAYS PHOTOPROTECTIVE BAGS Photoprotective bags UV barriers, Photoprotective bags UV rays, PE over bags for photosensitive substances, Medical Grade over bags, PE covers for nutrition bags, UV protection PE bags, Uv protection PE blue bags, UV protective PE bag, Anti-uv bags
INFUSION & TRANSFUSION SET BAGS V infusion set bags, IV set bags
BIOHAZARD SPECIMEN BAGS WITH DUAL POCKET FOR LAB SAMPLES TRANSPORT Biohazard specimen bags with zipper lock, Trans-bag for lab specimen samples transport, Lab specimen transport bag, Grip seal poly bags for sampling purposes, Bags with dual pocket for lab specimen, Reclosable specimen bags, Sample poly bags, Medical specimen bags